Self Care

For students and staff

In an effort to encourage everyone to be informed consumers of health care, the Student Health Center provides educational materials covering a wide variety of symptoms, illnesses, and common over-the-counter medications. The Self Care Center is intended to provide you with information and relief from symptoms of common ailments with self-serve, non-prescription medications. In addition, first aid supplies such as latex gloves, band-aids, and ice packs are all available at the front desk.

Please refer to on-line information on Health and Safety for College Students or 

Please note: The Self Care Center is not intended to replace a visit with your health care provider. Walk-ins are available if you feel your illness may require more than self care or if your symptoms worsen or do not resolve within 1 - 2 days.

Students, faculty and staff are invited to make use of this benefit!

Lower Priced Over the Counter Medications for Sale

Check out our full inventory of Over The Counter medications available for purchase at the Health Center! Available for Students, Staff, Faculty and their families! Delivery to FIT Box or interoffice mail available! Charges can be placed on your student account.

Email to place your order!