Tuition and Fees

FEES AND EXPENSES–Academic Year Summer 2017–Spring 2018

The university's board of trustees has approved the following tuition and fees for the academic year 2017–2018. Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.

Tuition for full-time undergraduate students (12–19 credit hours) is charged on a semester basis. Semester tuition rates apply to the fall and spring semesters only. Summer terms, undergraduate part-time and undergraduates registering for more than 19 credit hours are charged on a per-credit-hour basis.

For undergraduate 2018 summer classes, the first six (6) credit hours will be charged at the published per credit hour rate. After the first six (6) credit hours, tuition will be 50 percent of the published rate.

This reduction applies to Melbourne campus academic programs only and does not include ESL courses or Florida Tech Online courses taken by non-Melbourne campus students, courses in non-credit or study abroad programs, or flight or other fees. This discount does not apply to study-abroad programs. See the individual departments for study-abroad pricing. Other exclusions may apply. Contact the Registrar’s Office for additional information.

Students enrolled and pursuing degrees on the Melbourne campus are assessed the Melbourne campus tuition and fees. Students enrolled and pursuing degrees through Extended Studies are assessed Extended Studies tuition and fees. Students enrolled in programs and pursuing degrees through Florida Tech Online are assessed the tuition and fees approved by the partnership. 

Tuition for full-time undergraduate students (12–19) varies according to the chosen major program of study and admission status (online, on campus). Undergraduate students enrolled in both undergraduate- and graduate-level courses pay the flat-rate tuition as shown. Tuition for full-time undergraduate students (12–19 credit hours) is charged on a semester basis.


Engineering and Science majors $ 20,550
All other majors $ 18,730
Part-time and Summer $ 1,170/credit hour
Registering for 20 credit hours or more $ 1,170/credit hour
Extended Studies (undergraduate programs) $250/credit hour
Florida Tech Online (undergraduate programs) $510/credit hour
Dual Enrollment (high school/community college) $100/credit hour
Psychology Internship (PSY 4000) $500/summer

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Tuition for graduate students is charged per credit hour based on the student's admission status (Extended Studies, Melbourne campus, Florida Tech Online). Effective Fall 2018, Melbourne campus graduate students are permitted to register for a maximum of 14 credit hours.


Melbourne Campus (non-business programs)
$ 1,241/credit hour
Melbourne Campus (business programs) $600/credit hour
Aeronautics Online Doctor of Aviation Program (9105) $1,000/credit hour
Aeronautics Online Master's Programs (8230, 8231, 8232) $600/credit hour
Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) (admitted before Summer 2015) $1,262/credit hour
Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) (admitted Summer 2015 or later) $ 1,288/credit hour
Extended Studies $600/credit hour
Flight Test Engineering Program (8233) $1,241/credit hour
Florida Tech Online (MBA) $896/credit hour
Florida Tech Online (other graduate programs) $777/credit hour
Psychology Practicum $515/credit hour
Psychology Internship $2,630/semester
Psychology, Doctorate (Psy.D.)  $29,430/year

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Application Fees*





Continuing Education




Identity Verification for Online Course(s)

No charge

Examination Fees*

Equivalency Exam


Final Program/Doctoral Comprehensive Exam


Peregrine Assessment




Facility Fee*

Full-time Melbourne Campus undergraduates


Graduation and Related Fees*

Duplicate Diploma


Late Petition


Late Petition (final term)


Thesis/Dissertation Binding (number of copies varies by academic unit)


Dissertation Publishing




Parking Fees*

Reserved Parking Spot – Appropriate Lot – (student decal valid through May 31)


Full-time student (valid through Aug. 31)


Full-time student with Florida Tech license plate (valid through Aug. 31)


Motorcycle (valid through Aug. 31)


Registration Fees*

Audit/Continuing Education (waived for full-time undergraduate students)

$245/credit hour/CEU

Cooperative Education


Directed Study

$100/credit hour

English as a Second Language

$600/credit hour

Flight Test Engineering-MAE applicable courses (Flight-aircraft use per credit hour)

$150/credit hour



History of Textiles


Late Registration


Online Course Technology Fee (charged for each registration into an online course)


Scuba Diving 

$150/.5 credit hour

Student Account Fees*

Identification Card Replacement


Finance Charges


Returned Check (item)


Student Services Fee*

Full-time Melbourne Campus students



All flight fees shown are to be used as guidelines only and are subject to change. Variations in fuel price, student aptitude and performance, and other factors beyond the university's control may impact total flight course costs.

Cost for each flight course is the sum of four cost components: aircraft (dry/no fuel), fuel, flight instructor and flight training device (FTD/simulator). The component costs for Summer 2018, Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 are:


Cost Component
Archer Aircraft (dry/no fuel) $135
Arrow Aircraft (dry/no fuel) $155
Citabria Aircraft (dry/no fuel) $135
Seminole Aircraft (dry/no fuel) $220
Warrior Aircraft (dry/no fuel) $124
Simulation Devices Cost/Hour
Frasca 242 (multiengine trainer)  $90
Frasca Mentor $60
Redbird Crosswind Trainer $40
Redbird MCX $70
Flight Instruction $60
Current market price/gallon multiplied by the average fuel consumption rate for the aircraft flown multiplied by the actual flight hours.

 Budgeting for Flight

Flight training costs are incurred in addition to the university's regular tuition and fees. To assist in budgeting flight costs, Table A lists typical annual flight costs for the core flight courses, assuming a $6/gallon fuel price. Fuel is priced at the market rate, and due to the changing cost of fuel, oil and other petroleum products, a surcharge may be added.

TABLE A: Core Flight Curriculum

Flight Hours 
Typical Cost Outcome
Year 1 70 $21,550 Private Pilot License plus additional experience
Year 2 38 $11,908 Instrument Rating
Year 3 95 $25,572 Commercial Pilot Multiengine (CP-ME)
Year 4 25 $12,282  Flight Instructor – Airplane (elective)
Total 228 $71,312  

 The largest single variable in flight training cost is student performance. Success in minimum time and cost can only be achieved with student dedication and thorough preparation for each lesson. Flight training performance incentive scholarships shall be awarded for first-year students whose flight training progress meets established goals for various flight phases. Additional flight electives beyond the core flight courses may be required depending on the degree program selected. Elective flight course minimum costs are listed in Table C.

TABLE B: Core Flight Courses Minimum Costs (with fuel/per term)

Core Courses Credit
Typical Cost
AVF 1001 Flight 1 2 45 $11,986
AVF 1002 Flight 2 2 25 $9,564
AVF 2001 Flight 3 2 38 $11,908
AVF 2102 Flight 4  2 95 $25,572
Total   203 $59,030

 TABLE C: Elective Flight Courses Minimum Costs

Elective Courses
(minimum flight fees with fuel) 
Min. Cost
AVF 1000 Private Pilot Certificate 2 45 $13,346
AVF 1003 CP Stage 1 2 25 $5,995
AVF 2002 Flight 4 (CP-SE) 2 95 $21,438
AVF 2103 CP-SE Add-on to CP-ME 1 13 $4,127
AVF 3001 Flight Instructor-Airplane 2 25 $8,680
AVF 3002 Flight Instructor-Instrument 2 15 $4,515
AVF 3004 Complex Instrument (Arrow) 2 16 $4,202
AVF 3005 TAA Instruments 2 6 $5,314
AVF 3008 Aerobatic Flight (Citabria) 1 7 $2,626
AVF 3009 Intermediate Aerobatic (Citabria) 1 7 $2,586
AVF 3010 International Operations (Seminole) 1 6 $2,987
AVF 3012 Conventional Gear Transition (Citabria) 1 12 $4,110
AVF 3101 CFI-SE Add-on to MEI 2 NA $6,938
AVF 4001 Multiengine Pilot 2 19 $8,474
AVF 4002 Flight Instructor-ME 2 25 $10,023
AVF 4003 Air Taxi 2 19 $7,040
AVF 4006 ME Crew Operations 2 50 $10,466
AVF 4090 Special Topics in Flight Training 0–3  Varies Varies
AVF 4090 Jet Transition (Special Topics) 2   $3,800
AVF 4102 Initial CFI-ME 2 28 $10,300
AVF 4500 Commercial Pilot Certificate and Type Rating 3 Varies Varies

 Additional Costs

Books and Equipment $750
FAA Written Tests $165/each
FAA Medical Exam $100–150
FAA Examiner Checkride $550/$700/each

Making Your Flight Payment

The Panther Card must be used to pay flight costs on a pay-as-you-go basis. An initial deposit of $4,000 (or the minimum flight course cost if less than $4,000) is required at the beginning of each course. Flight costs are calculated and deducted from the Panther Card account at the conclusion of each lesson. A $1,000 minimum balance is required in most courses to ensure flight training continuity.

Meal Plans

All freshmen are required to select meal plan A1 or A2. Upperclassmen may choose A1, A2, U1 or U2. Meal plan contracts are for the academic year and may be changed between semesters by contacting the Campus Services Office. Flex Credits carry over between Fall Semester 2018 and Spring Semester 2019. Flex Credits have no residual cash value and are zeroed out at the end of the Spring Semester 2018.

Per Semester/Per Person 

Plan Cost
Meal Plan A1 Unlimited meals 7 days/week & $300 Flex Credits $2,940
Meal Plan A2 Unlimited meals 5 days/week & $500 Flex Credits $2,940
Meal Plan U1* Unlimited lunch Mon.-Fri. & $800 Flex Credits $1,775
Meal Plan U2* $1,775 Flex Credits  $1,775
Commuter Plan C1** Unlimited lunch Mon.-Fri. $975
Commuter Plan C2** $600 Flex Credits  $600
Commuter Plan C3* $250 Flex Credits $250
Commuter Plan C4** Block 50 PDH Meals $450
Summer Plan A $250 Flex Credits $250
Summer Plan B $500 Flex Credits $500
Summer Plan C Block 50 PDH Meals & $100 Flex Credits $500

*Upperclassmen only  **Off-campus students only

Contact the Campus Services Office
321-674-8076, Fax 321-674-7444, email

Housing Information

Housing contracts are for the academic year. Contracts may not be canceled unless the student withdraws or does not enroll at the university. All freshmen and sophomores are required to live on campus. Transfer credits do not impact the residency requirement. 

Per Semester/Per Occupant

Residence Halls
Single occupant with private bathroom (Bownlie) $3,390
Single occupant with private bathroom (Evans, Quad) $3,390
Single occupant with shared bathroom (Quad) $3,195
Double occupant with semi-private bathroom (Brownlie) $3,030
Double occupant with shared bathroom (Evans) $3,030
Double occupant with shared bathroom (Quad) $2,210
Double occupant with shared bathroom (Roberts) $2,600
Columbia Village $3,500
Harris Village Suites
One-bedroom suites $4,775
Two-bedroom suites $4,000
Four-bedroom suites $3,750
Mary Star of the Sea – Newman Hall
One-bedroom apartment $4,910
Two-bedroom apartment $4,340
Four-bedroom apartment $3,950
Panther Bay Village Apartments  $4,000
Southgate Village Apartments
Single occupant studio apartment $4,190
Single occupant one-bedroom apartment  $4,325
Double occupant two-bedroom apartment $3,875
Triple occupant three-bedroom apartment $3,500

Housing space is limited. The university makes every effort to accommodate your room or apartment request but cannot guarantee your choice. Fees are subject to change.

Student health insurance is MANDATORY for full-time undergraduate (12 or more credits) and graduate (9 or more credits) students, including those enrolled in English as a Second Language (ESL) courses. Online students and students attending classes through Extended Studies or Florida Tech Online do not meet the eligibility requirements.

Domestic students may apply to waive university-sponsored insurance by providing proof of coverage through PantherPass by the end of the second Friday of classes.

It is MANDATORY for all international students to be covered by the university's health insurance plan.

Exceptions may be granted only if you have an insurance plan that meets very strict requirements in order for you to qualify for the waiver. You may request a waiver of the insurance fee by completing a form and providing proof of appropriate insurance to the Business and Retail Operations Office. Waiver forms are available from the Business and Retail Operations Office. Florida Tech will not accept coverage by an insurance company outside the United States. Rates are subject to change when the policy is renewed.

2018-2019 Student Health Insurance–Annual Cost

 August 10, 2018 through August 9, 2019

Student  $1,430
Spouse  $1,830
Each Dependent Child  $1,700


Questions regarding Health Insurance?

Contact the Business and Retail Operations Office
321-674-7707, Fax 321-674-7706