Parking at Florida Tech

Campus Map

Parking & Traffic Regulations

Motorcycle Parking Areas

Designated by either a sign or spaces that are too small for vehicles.

Parking Lot                   Available Motorcycle Parking
Lot 6 North End
Lot 10 Northwest & Southwest Ends
Lot 13 Northeast End
Lot 15 Southeast End
Lot 16 Southeast Corner
Lot 17 Middle Isle, South, East, & West Ends
Lot 17 West Isle & Southeast Corner
Lot 19 Southwest Corner
Lot 22 North End of Bldg. B & South End of Bldg. C
Lot 23 East End of Bldgs. L & K and Northwest End of Bldg. M
Lot 24 Various Corners Marked with Motorcycle Signage
Lot 26 Northwest Front Corner

Parking Capacity Reflected During Peak Hours

Parking Capacity

(uses old lot numbers)


  • READ all of the parking regulations.
  • Arrive 30 minutes early.
  • Ride with a friend (Carpool).


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